Welcome to KAVSAR Uzbek restaurant. Visit us and enjoy your time here.

This is the first Uzbek halal restaurant in Pittsburgh and the distinguishing feature is that we follow the healthy lifestyle with no alcohol, with healthy food and positive emotions.


 Kavsar is a paradise river where the water is crystal-clear. Moreover, it is whiter than milk and colder than ice. The word `kavsar` means `abundance` or `plenty of richness`. Everybody who plunges into this river will never be thirsty and will always be healthy.

We try to save this magic and relaxed atmosphere in our restaurant and invite you to enjoy our varied dishes which include cold and hot appetizers, tasty soups, fantastic salads, delicious entrees and kebabs, a choice of vegetarian dishes and homemade desserts. Our stuff is very friendly, helpful and polite. Good music, reasonable prices, comfortable seatings, relaxed and excellent atmosphere will help you to spend your time with pleasure. Moreover, it is an ideal place to meet friends, have business lunches, business meetings and some events.

Reasonable prices, rich assortment of dishes, cozy atmosphere. There is a system of discount cards, a parking lot.

 412 488 87 08   

 412 488 87 09         

16  Southern Ave,Pittsburgh,PA15211